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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Judge Who Threw Out Court Case Against Boris Johnson 'Failed to Declare Conflict of Interest'

Frank Burns' Grim Look Into the Future

Frank Burns looks into the future:


In January 2021 the British economy died, a country ravaged by corona virus had lost over 50,000 people, and the economy had shrunk by over 30%. Borrowing in 2020 was wider, deeper and far more extensive than had been reported. Shrouded under the official secrets act - the UK government were constructing their own gold plated life rafts. When a virus ravaged country was focussed on an entirely manufactured crisis, no one in the media was unfettered enough to realise the economic Armageddon we were about to embark upon. 

Lifetimes of savings, plans and families were tossed aside on the waves of ideological storms. Boris quietly did the unthinkable and a no deal Brexit was delivered. Almost immediately the pound dropped by a further 30% overall against most currencies. The rating agencies further downgraded our debt rating as the value of our currency continued to plummet. The government sprang into action and forced the Bank of England to raise interest levels to 9% in an effort to attract overseas investors. Mortgages companies have no alternative than to immediately follow, house prices drop and a few months later defaulters start to lose homes. House prices crash, but a certain demographic of society start to see benefits, older baby boomers on fixed incomes who have had little return on their investments flourish momentarily. 

Those who had survived Covid19 now rarely left their now mortgaged homes as the lack of a vaccine meant almost certain death if they contracted it. Now without a human rights act to fall back upon, areas such as state paid old age pensions are “temporarily” suspended. Those losing their homes are hit by the double whammy of homes being sold at auction for less than the mortgage, leaving former owners with no home and still massive unsecured debts. Young people already saddled with debt foisted on them for their extended education, are targeted with another interest rate hike (even though they were told the interest rate would never vary), jobs become increasingly scarce, debts mount and accommodation is in short supply. 

The exodus of the young from Britain begins in earnest. The government attempts to apply physical monetary controls on how much money is allowed to leave the country, sadly though the bulk of money has already left the country electronically. People start to send money overseas for their children in increasingly unique ways, in fact money transfer goes dark, a black market economy springs up to facilitate cash to leave country to be reunited with students when they arrive at their new overseas locations. Our skilled and multi-talented youth abandon our shores, those who are infirm, elderly or have family commitments struggle on. 

The politicians who created this mess are still in power, although controls on social media mean the social discourse is not as prevalent as it once was, now that the great firewall of the New Great Britain has been constructed, the government insist that social media giants provide the means for the government to monitor our populace. Social distancing and lock downs were now so prevalent that the populace were to cowed and frightened to resist. What point was resistance anyhow, the government trolls and bot accounts overwhelmed any social discourse, and private electronic comms became anything but private. Big brother becomes less of a tele visual experience and more of an automated AI algorithm listening in on mobile phones and voice activated devices. The Tory supporting media commence a campaign encouraging “blame a remainer” those who support Europe are labeled “Traitors to Democracy”. 

The Dark Web is now declared illegal and public encryption becomes mandatory using a new approved communication standard (so that the government can monitor all activities to ensue “public safety” and “counter terrorism”). Society is increasingly polarised, the police who have had further funding cuts now only respond to serious crime. The powers that had been granted during the pandemic and the slackening of the who might join the police, now means former car park wardens and debt collectors rub shoulders together, and now harass those who come into contact with them. Policing no longer is by consent, and the paramilitary uniforms of the police take on an a more frightening aspect as every officer now where’s a full face mask and protective eyewear at all times. 

As the EU is now compelled to insist Ireland adds custom posts the current open border causes unrest on both sides to re-emerge. Meanwhile back across the pond, the NRA seizes upon the opportunity to support “the old country” and fund raising for the defence of the Irish republic is equally seen by TRUMP supporters as a cause to rally behind - the chants of Make Ireland Great quickly becomes Make Ireland Whole. Before the end of 2021 food prices have risen by 205%, interest rates are now at 11%. 

A state of emergency is in place and rationing of credit, food and fuel is the new norm. The first hints of how fragile the supply chain was seen in the early 2020s when a frictionless trading system was in place. Now with trade barriers, shops are fortresses with barriers and steel shutters everywhere. Looting has become a problem for small shops who do not have the capacity to put up the defences required when a mob of hungry people descend. Many small shops are forced to close entirely. The police even in their battle hardened uniforms do little to stop a mob ravaging shops, choosing instead to wait until the crowds have feasted upon the food they crave and then rounding them up. They are detained in open field surrounded by razor wire for at least 21 days before appearing in court. The external holding cells are the most cost effective means to control covid19. If anyone succumbs in those 21 days, the herd immunity argument prevails that those who loot are not eligible for healthcare. Stock piles built up before BREXIT have long dissipated by now, and as supplies in shops dwindle the black market for goods across from Ireland is the only area flourishing. 

On the Emerald Isle An uneasy truce between Northern Ireland and south exists as politicians are forced to turn a blind eye to the movement of goods across the border exists. Meanwhile on the sea-locked shores of England, Wales and Scotland the government as “temporarily suspended” both the Scottish government and the Welsh assembly. “Control” or subjugation becomes essential for the government to attempt to keep the Kingdom from splitting apart. As part of the national emergency caused by the “Traitors to democracy ”, is the need to extract oil and gas via fracking across the whole country. 

Planning laws on this are suspended and the NHS is cited as being dependent on having this essential energy source. In essence the people are told let us frack or lose your health system. Although now the NHS is not free at the point of delivery although critics say the last time was when Boris gave it to the American insurance industry in exchange for a paltry sum of monies. In truth a decade of underfunding killed both the health service and hundreds of staff during the Covid19 pandemic, and a world without a vaccine means the health service was ripe for privatisation. By 2029 life expectancy plummets in the UK. Only those who are economically active are prioritised for care. Parents are forced to contribute financially for care of their children. Those who have retired now are asked to mortgages their homes if they want “free healthcare”. 

They are allowed to keep 50% and the freed fund immediately goes to the state. It’s known as accelerated social contributions. The prisons are sold off, and as the human rights act has been abolished, a joint opportunity is identified in sinking new mines in previously uneconomical coal mining operations. The highly dangerous work of draining flooded mines is demanded of prisoners in exchange for shorter sentences and access to healthcare. The press becomes increasingly self regulated and self censoring, they would want to be hoisted by their own petard of being traitors to the democracy. 

Make Britain Great again is the watchwords of the day. By 2030 the education system in the UK is now politically controlled, the national curriculum has been rewritten to largely discredit the Europeans union, and Europe is now officially our enemy on our border. The USA and China are seen as only friends and our former commonwealth countries have by now detached themselves from the crazed islanders who thought they ruled the world. Unemployment amazingly (according to government figures) is amazingly low, however in real terms it means that everyone has a personal zero hour contract with a company that they themselves own. Since payments all go through a central banking system run by five providers, tax on all payments is taken at source. In fact people joke that the government takes what they earn and give them pocket money in return. Cash has been made largely illegal, all transactions over 30 Great British Pounds must be made by card. Ironically New Great Britain has two currencies, the New Great British Pound and for central government it’s now the dollar. 

Trump bequeathed Trident in exchange for all mineral and intellectual property rights for next 100 years. This gift was accepted with barely a mention in the popular press. It’s not all doom and gloom, Scotland has seen a new rebirth not seen since the highland clearances. People have been returning and squatting on the lands, thus far no evictions have taken for fear of riots. Although these people are being carefully monitored, for although the country has little fuel for private vehicles, state sponsored aircraft patrol looking down with high powered camera and lenses. In fact the whole country is now surveilled from above, and below, the paranoia of the state knows no bounds and people are arrested daily for “crimes against democracy”. 

The definition of which changes daily. The largest employer in the UK is still the health system, although now in private hands, healthcare is for those who are economically active and the tax increases help pay for the much diminished service, although ironically the system now caters for more foreign guests as the NHS now competes for international patients from the USA. Living standards in the UK have dropped, as has the population. Overseas travel is now once again permitted, a devastating “no holidays abroad” policy was stopped after a few years. 

Families saved up for a holiday in France, never to return seeking asylum and being granted by EU. The government overnight shut the door and over course of three years birth rates plummeted. No one wanted to bring children into the closed society that the UK had become. Now holidays are permitted as long as one parent is left behind. Birth rates are still the lowest on the planet and a demographic time bomb is looming. The housing crisis has been largely stabilised, mortgage defaulters now can gift the remainder of any equity to the state, in exchange for a five year rental. 

A contribution from salaries is still deducted at source, and defaulters know they must either buy the entire loan out or face homeless later in life. The equity and title to the property is sold in monthly auctions to private businesses. One new industry has sprung up, land fill sites are now sold to speculators. The sites are scoured by people paying for the privilege to dig and forage for items of value. A surprising source of former medical radioactive waste is now “hot” property and is exported to China for re-processing. Plastics are also now exported, ever since China discovered the process to recycle almost all plastics. China is taking an increasing interest in our home affairs. 

China now sends its students to Cambridge and Oxford universities, as they are largely exempt from the national curriculum as no indigenous students can usually afford to attend unless their parents are part of the political class. Mainland Europe has mandated an isolationist policy on the New Great Britain and Ireland. The effect is that no other country dare leave the EU for fear of a similar fate.